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Pimp my Christmas

May 13, 2009 at 4:07 by Mark Comments

Last Christmas, Brasil Telecom launched many offers like cash bonuses, free calling minutes or free cell phones, so, as to say, they pimped out everybody’s Christmas as it is showed in this hilarious website in which every single character is also pimped out.


For instance, Santa Claus is wearing bling-bling accesories and has a low rider sleigh, his assistants are kind of foxy and his gnomes are kicking-ass break-dancers.


After all of that you can play being a DJ and every different beat is a different offer from this promotion, although i didn’t like very much the fact that the offers themselves are hiding the people dancing in the back, which is the valuable thing of the experience. Aditionally, you can even play a little advergame, breakdancing against Santa’s gnomes, and i’m not as good at games so i just passed two or three levels and i don’t know if there are any pimped rewards at the end, which would make sense because of the campaign idea itself.


But having rewards or not and even if some things were to improve, the final product is a really funny and distinctive site for something as tough as Christmas offers (lots of companies, lots of plans, lots of offers) because of the characters and their performances.

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