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A house travelling for Vodafone

June 11, 2009 at 12:52 by Mark Comments

A while ago i posted about Vodafone in Spain doing some crazy stuff for their 3G solutions for small businesses. Time after that, they’ve created a follow-up of that campaign, consisting on a Vodafone employee (that spends some time blogging) and his family going through Spain in a “bus-house” and without a landline number to get connected to the Internet, just a mobile phone and a USB modem. Also residents of each city will be allowed to get into the bus, as it will be staying for two days in each place.
All of this is being blogged at La Casa Movil and although it’s in spanish, it’s worth a read, you can use some online translation tools to get it translated into English or the language of your choice.

5 Responses to A house travelling for Vodafone

  1. Marketing says:

    Though, the idea of

  2. Jack Zufelt says:

    I like the bus-house tour idea, especially with wireless internet. Great post.

  3. alvaro says:

    All this actions for Vodafone Spain are doing by waskman studios

  4. liz says:

    I think this combines well with the previous effort you posted about back in February. Thanks for posting– I really enjoy reading about things like this because while it may not be the most innovative campaign out there it is so much more interesting that most of what we do in the US.

  5. doubt this “bus-house tour” is advantageous but as the matter of fact this is are not initiative ones as i have seen this people using such schemes before….We need to hit some thing new like they say “In this World money is not a new thing, But the way u invent it”.

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