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Turkish Airlines launches pitch through social media

June 21, 2009 at 9:21 by Martina Comments

A couple of friends from Turkey yesterday sent me emails about a mysterious pitch launched by Turkish Airlines. Bits and pieces of the brief have been spread all around the so called social media, creating a puzzle that agencies are called to solve in order to participate into the pitch to win the global digital account.


Everything is in Turkish, so both the first content posted on Twitter and on Thumblr results for us impossible to unlock. Fortunately, two of the agencies participating in the challenge have opened dedicated blogs in English where they will share details about the unusual pitch for the next 15 days – check Voden here and 41-29 here
Turkish Airlines idea is definitely bizarre and maybe a bit complicated, but surely it’s a smart way to test the agencies’ skills in the social media right from the very beginning.

One Response to Turkish Airlines launches pitch through social media

  1. Emin Orge says:

    Being one of the participants of the Turkish Airlines global digital pitch, we (Euro RSCG 4D) decided to look at another aspect & effect of the pitch… The creativity of the pitch process itself and its affects on forthcoming pitches. We have opened a Turkish site where we invite visitors to ask their questions on “the effect of creative pitch briefs prepared by brands, on the creative work done by the agencies”. We have just started collecting the questions from Twitter and FriendFeed(User : tk849).

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