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IKEA’s bedroom secrets

June 22, 2009 at 2:54 by Mark Comments

In the Netherlands, IKEA is setting a great example of useful consumer generated content with the ‘Design Your Own Life’ campaign. A few months ago, they’ve launched Open Kitchen, a user generated showroom of kitchens with IKEA products. With over 2000 entries, it instantly became the biggest kitchen showroom in Holland. Right now they’ve launched the follow up Bedroom Secrets, in which you can have a look inside Dutch bedrooms. Literally, because besides the user uploaded bedrooms, a webcam stream makes it possible to watch the bedrooms of Lonne, Sven and Manette, live.
Responsible agency is Lemz

3 Responses to IKEA’s bedroom secrets

  1. Jack Zufelt says:

    Ikea’s campaigns are always fun and interesting. This one seems no different.

  2. Ikea rules! besides really liking its furniture, i am in love with their campaigns, they are truly doing something different and making a difference at the same time

  3. Kate Towey says:

    Ikea does it again. Love that it taps into the home voyeur in all of us!

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