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Coke Lights sings a song

July 2, 2009 at 9:34 by Martina Comments

Here in Italy Coca-Cola Light has launched a karaoke website which invites women to sing a Duffy song in front of a webcam in order to share it with the world.


Even if my very first reaction was pretty negative, I think the project is based on a good idea which simply doesn’t fit Coke. What I mean is that while I was watching the videos my mind went to more epical tracks like for example We Are The World or Bohemian Rapsody. So the website makes you want to sing (or at least try to) in front of a webcam and has a good viral potential, but Duffy’s song doesn’t fit. Imagine the same karaoke idea applied to the promotion of a new album by Madonna, Robbie Williams or, even better, to drive some energy back to a record label.
The agency is Scholz & Volkmer.

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