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Start A Lie

July 26, 2009 at 7:41 by Martina Comments

How much tap water do you drink? Not much, I suppose, like in my case. I always have an excuse… It’s too “hard” in my area, a bottle is more handy etc… We find a lot of excuses not to drink tap water, and we apparently seem to trust a lot of things the bottled water industry tell us.


Start A Lie is a very simple and viral website that encourages users to start their own lie about the bottled water industry. If they can lie, why can’t we?

Share your own lie, let friends know about the importance of drinking tap water to save the environement, and check out to learn everything you need to know about the lies of the bottled water industry.


One Response to Start A Lie

  1. This idea for SEO is good. They have a lot of keywords and sentences with Bottled Water.

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