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EnergyLab, Pearl Jam and us solving puzzles in a 3D world

July 27, 2009 at 2:55 by Mark Comments

This one is a one of us and is a good excuse for talking about something else, so we’re pretty happy that could release it in the end. The new product from Rexona in Mexico is called Rexona Energizing, it’s supposed to energize you every time you use it, being this the teaser used for the beginning of the campaign:

So we got in an energetic mood and decided to team with Carlos Ulloa and his new company to create EnergyLab, a brief story about how so much energy was contained inside that bottle.


A 3D puzzle with a five minutes countdown to solve it, I’m so clumsy that i’d need like ten minutes or so but the thing is being the fastest so you can still be energized and earn a trip to Russia to fly a L39 plane


Funny thing that when we were in the first stages of development, Freedom + Partners came up with their extraordinary 3D puzzle game for the re-release of Ten, the legendary Pearl Jam album (i can’t believe i haven’t written about it yet)


Try to solve it and every time you complete a level you’ll be able to listen to a remastered track from the new release. Instead of a countdown like ours, here you can spent as many time as you need.


So it looks interesting to me the way in which 3D Flash engines allow this kind of puzzles to engage people, either if it’s by challenging them or making them stay. Obviously when there is no countdown the time spent is proportional to the size of what you get and me being a big Pearl Jam fan can stay even up to 30 minutes on the site, which is huge, hope we’re seeing more of these games coming and maybe mashed with some other technologies (as augmented reality for example) to create new kinds of stuff.

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