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IKEA, living in a box

August 18, 2009 at 7:00 by Martina Comments

Students and IKEA fans in general, will love this interactive website that offers a dorm room planner. Space Maker is (another) smart idea by the Swedish furniture brand that allows students (but not only) to understand how to exploit at best the small space they have.


A room planner isn’t something new, Ikea did it already, even with the Oval Office when Obama won the elections last year, but I always like posting about their interactive projects because they are smart and simple, exactly as you expect from Ikea as a brand.


In the Space Maker there are two details which I particularly enjoyed: first, a interactive explanation on how to use the tool. Don’t assume everybody knows to do everything on the web. If you explain people how to assemble a table, why shouldn’t you explain them how to use a website? The second thing I like, is that the planner features not only the items Ikea offers you to create your dorm room, but also your own stuff you might want there: your shoes, your laptop, your surfboard etc… Again, simple and smart idea to make people feel comfortable, also online.
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One Response to IKEA, living in a box

  1. Textbox says:

    This is something I could see a certain segment of college students utilizing. Young grads living in a big city with a studio apartment would be a larger user base I would think. Does this app factor in all the space you need just to lay out the all the pieces and bags of hardware to put one of their products together?

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