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Antwerp Central in pixel art

September 10, 2009 at 1:00 by Mark Comments

The Central Station of Antwerp is at least a 100 years old and recently rebuild. To give the (online) world a peak of the results, Famous Brussels put the whole station in pixel art. You can now take a virtual tour, create you own avatar and even collect diamands for extra info on the station. A fun and easy solution to show off the impressive building in a 3d environment.
Via Buzzing Bees

One Response to Antwerp Central in pixel art

  1. Brooke Abney says:

    FAMOUS takes a step back, with a retro-feeling pixel art approach. Instead of boasting (and banking) on the new, high-tech HD imagery, the use of pixel art gave me the feeling that this website was less complicated and more user friendly.
    The ability to create an individualized avatar that can travel around the train station, earn points and learn information makes promoting Antwerp easy. Instead of a trip to the library, the game element adds enjoyment and leisure in an unexpected way.
    Taking something familiar and tweaking it a little…always seems to work!

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