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Shocking Barack

October 11, 2009 at 9:06 by Mark Comments

Remember when automotive CEOs went to Washington DC asking for loans? This website called “Shocking Barack” from Brammo powercycles seeks to redo the same route but instead of asking for aid, they will try to show President Obama a proposal based on electric energy as a feasible solution to the transportation crisis. So this site is to follow the trip (starting tomorrow) and asking people to spread the word and collaborate if possible with a place to stay or to charge the vehicles, go check it out or follow them on Twitter.
(via @bogusky and a post of his)

2 Responses to Shocking Barack

  1. Scoffing at The Pretension says:

    “A feasible solution to the transportation crisis” What exactly is the transportation crisis? I didn’t know that there was a crisis. Or that a small scooter/motorcycle could solve it.
    How is this thing’s crash-worthiness? Do they have air bags on those things? Can I attach a baby seat to it? Can it transport a 52″ TV?
    Let me know when a technology exists that bests the current lot. Ha.

  2. Pretensions on Wheels says:

    Wow. Check out all the Tweets on the Cripsin Porter + Bogusky marketing site linked above. They all are linking to a wired article about a guy taking a similar trek on one of those Brammos and getting in a serious accident just a few days into the trip.
    Transportation solution my hairy, pink cabose.
    “According to reports from the family and Oregon State Police, just after 7 p.m. on Nov. 27, a 1999 Audi A4 driven by a 20-year-old woman passed an 18-wheeler, and then pulled back into the slow lane while still traveling at speed. She hit Abbott�s Enertia from behind at 68 mph, knocking him from the bike and across three lanes of traffic. His high-end helmet saved his life, but his body was broken. An ambulance, that had also been traveling on I-5, arrived at the scene within minutes of the accident and placed him on a respirator. They rushed him to a nearby hospital in Roseberg, where he was airlifted to Portland for further treatment. He had broken his clavicle, hand and a vertebrate in his back. He suffered a severe concussion, and has several contusions on his brain. Following the accident he slipped into a coma, and remained unconscious for several days. He woke up this morning, Monday, Nov. 30. Doctors removed his ventilator, and he was able to identify his mother, who had flown from Georgia to be with him. He�s still not out of the woods, but he�s getting there.”

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