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I killed a friend

October 22, 2009 at 6:00 by Laurent Comments

13eme rue is a French Tv channel specialized in thriller, action and supense. They just launched a provocative site which, for information and warning, is rated 16+.
You start by hiring a professional killer (I suggest Monika or Oliver…) to kill one of your friend …


You give details and a picture of your target, and one of yourself. You will then be able to watch the violent execution, as the site allows a movie personalization, via a 3D integration of the picture.
Your victim receive a mail with a link to the site, and after he has watched the video, he is invited to investigate who is behind this crime, and can possibly release a new sequence.

The send-to a-friend as well as the picture upload mechanisms are far from new, but it proves that when it is well executed it can still work. The atmosphere and the topic are sinister and immoral, and I understand it can hurt some people’s feelings. Nevertheless it is consistent with the positionning of 13eme rue, and it makes no doubt it will spread among its potential target.
BETC EURO RSCG is responsible for this mass murder.

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