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Augmented reality sneakers

December 28, 2009 at 9:55 by Martina Comments

Probably, in my position, I shouldn’t say that it sounds cool, but it actually does, so to stick to my editorial line, I have to post about it. In February Adidas will launch five sneakers that will activate a virtual world through augmented reality.


As explained on Wired, all users have to do is go to the Adidas site and hold up their sneaker, which has a code embedded in its tongue, in front of their computer webcam. A virtual world then pops out in front of them and they can navigate it using their sneaker as a controller.
It is surely a marketing gimmick, and the world in a sneaker reminds me of Onitsuka Tiger but, still, it’s a pretty cool initiative that will generate some buzz online, at least among us, geek bloggers :-)

4 Responses to Augmented reality sneakers

  1. Ryan Moede says:

    I’ll give them kudos for baking the AR right into the product, but at the end of the day, I have to agree and say that it’s still pretty gimmicky. Will definitely be curious to see how they expand the AR world over time.

  2. subodh says:

    Hey, I think there are challenges in terms of reach. Nike did something like this in India ( Groupm is the agency and I think telibrahma provided technology and implementation)and best part was that it was working on all the 3 handsets I had with me in Barista. Fact that they were also delivering the app @ Barista’s over Bluetooth and a banner that gave me a chance to experience the solution

  3. Kajai says:

    It’s a shame they haven’t included mobile in the mix! Great innovation slightly short sighted.

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