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Be Stupid

January 20, 2010 at 8:15 by Martina Comments

Looks like Diesel is back to the great stupid campaigns of its glorious past. Be Stupid is a smart concept that offers a wide range of possibilities to be further explored and exploded with wit and irony. The idea is simple: smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls… the balls to create new stuff, the balls to do crazy things, the balls to surprise.

If you think you are doing something stupid enough you can send your stupid video to Diesel and win the possibility to be featured in the video catalogue/music clip they will produce over the next few months.

The print/ooh campaign is pretty cool also, possibly better than the online execution which, for the moment, looks more like a preview than a full campaign.

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4 Responses to Be Stupid

  1. Christian Ellis says:

    Personally I am very confused by Diesel’s positioning these days. It seems every season they are producing ads for a different audience. One season they are artistic, aimed at a high-fashion consumer. Then soon after it seems that the ads are targeted at teenagers and mass market. Is Diesel suffering an identity crisis or did they figure out they could not compete in the luxury sector and so are making a big play to get back with young consumers?

  2. Shaun Empire says:

    It looks like nothing gets stupider than these really stupid advertisement.
    Are these done by a high school advertising class?

  3. paul jason says:

    If the word ‘stupid’ was changed to ‘risky’ or ‘crazy’ (first thought – I’ve better things to think about) then maybe there could be something here – ‘stupid’ has a negative angle and just sounds like they are appealing to morons!

  4. Allan E says:

    Yeah, I get it – be free and do bold things under the banner of bucking convention. But, “Be Stupid”? This is not Nike’s Just Do It – you’re not encouraging impulsive behavior; with the proliferation of social media (e.g. pictures of people doing dumb things) and reality TV, being stupid isn’t necessarily in short supply nor is it uncommon. My take is that you’re just aligning yourself with thoughtless idiocy, as opposed to conscious rebellion.

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