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Fashion for dogs and ecommerce dogs (owners)

January 20, 2010 at 10:59 by Martina Comments

From Japan another great example of digital communication and a clear demonstration that the online media and online commerce are (more than) ready to support any brand or product (if the communication is done in the right way). Today we talk about dogs, fashion and ecommerce. The brand is called Free Stitch and produces clothing for small dogs. I personally hate the idea of putting a ridiculous cloth on my dog but I appreciate small dogs might suffer cold… and this website would definitely push me to buy something fashionable.


The experience is brilliant, with a gallery of “models” wearing the different items and the absolutely fantastic possibility to browse the collection by clothing or by “dog”.


The interface design is clean and usable, with beautiful pictures and close-ups that do a great job in showcasing the product. Let’s be honest: several fashion brands should have a look at the Freestitch execution and be inspired.


Last but not least ecommerce is also one click away with a fully integrated experience that attracts users with the brand and product appeal and is immediately ready to sell the items dog (owners) have been teased with.

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One Response to Fashion for dogs and ecommerce dogs (owners)

  1. Rei says:

    I LOOOVE your blog!!
    I’ve been following it for a couple months now. I’m a uni student in Japan trying to get into the ad business, and I’ve recently been inspired to start a blog of my own :) :).
    Check it out if you have the chance!
    And this site featured in this post is awesome! really speaks to the doggie lover needs of variety pet clothing.

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