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Wrangler Blue Bell, a delicious experience

February 4, 2010 at 5:34 by Mark Comments

Last weekend i received a link to this video, where somebody from supertalented KokoKaka showed how their new website for Wrangler was supposed to work, this was a hell of a teaser:

Then, the site came alive on Tuesday, and i must say that is one of the most delightful experiences i’ve seen lately. A simple idea with a beautiful execution, “delightful” is the word for me, as dressing/undressing the guy to the rhythm of the music is absolutely memorable.
Probably Martina has something to say related to the shopping experience (there is not) and there’s no much more than that, but having the whole video or the song for download makes me say “yay!”, it closes the whole experience and makes this jeans collection a one to remember for this year.

5 Responses to Wrangler Blue Bell, a delicious experience

  1. Matei Tudor says:

    And here comes the eternal comment: ‘do you know what song plays on the website?’
    So do you?

  2. Eddie says:

    A beauty. Interactive is simple but execution is incredible

  3. Buzzing Bees says:

    Hi Matei,
    The music is by Markus Hasselblom. He also made the music for their campaign in 2009, whch was less intercative but also very nice.

  4. Gerry Kookmeyer says:

    Great work if you’re a film director. Not going to make me buy jeans though.

  5. paul jason says:


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