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The Secret behind Nike Air

April 1, 2010 at 8:31 by Laurent Comments

You may have experienced (suffered ?) some hoaxes on this April fools’ day…
Among the pranks and fakes issued by media publishers and brands today, Nike got my vote.
To be fully transparent, I must (re)say, not only Nike is my client, I am also a big fan of the brand,
nevertheless I didn’t work on that project and I truly liked it when I discovered it today.
If you have always wondered where the air of the Nike Air shoes is coming from, Nike revealed its secret today :

I don’t pretend the video is hilarious, but it managed to make me smile. I like its simplicity in a surreal universe, the contrast between an apparent normality and the absurdity of the situation. No intention to fool or trick anyone here, but the occasion to have a little bit of fun around today’s tradition.
Kudos to the athletes who don’t take themselves too seriously and play the game.
Well you got it, on this April fools’ day Nike got my vote, who/which one got yours ?

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