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Chatroulette strikes back

August 19, 2010 at 5:19 by Mark Comments

Although the hype is gone…, you still remember of Chatroulette, don’t you? If not, let me tell you that it’s still alive and yet there are some brands (a couple of examples here) using its random nature to connect with people out there.
The first one is this action to promote “The last exorcism” movie:

The second one, brought by McCann Erickson Iberia, is about promoting the horror channel “13th street” in Spain:

I don’t know how you measure success (or failure) here, horrified-faces-per-session or something like that? i don’t want to sound like so interested in metrics but, from an strategic point of view, i don’t know what are the goals (buzz?) or how you get a conversion here or how is it measured, sounds more like reaching as much as you can than really engaging. Probably Chatroulette does not allow much more than that, either.
But I (also) guess that these kind of actions are better classified into “exploring new platforms”, and that’s cool anyway, in the end it’s kind of funny getting into these kind of things instead of people showing their genitalia to the camera :)

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