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The Tippexperience, viral mashup/copycat

September 2, 2010 at 12:20 by Laurent Comments

Subservient chicken + Warioland // The Expendables + John West Salmon = The Tippexperience

Some will consider it as a copycat, others will take it as a tribute to famous memes.
Try “tickle” for example…
Agency : Buzzman

3 Responses to The Tippexperience, viral mashup/copycat

  1. As commented on Twitter:
    The “hunter shoots a bear” YouTube campaign might be a “viral” hit, but it’s a commercial #fail when you can’t remember the product’s name.
    Feels like online video “pastiche”: get me one of each feature that has gone viral, even if it hasn’t a thing to do with my brand/product.

  2. paul jason says:

    Great stuff! Funny and well executed - made me smile!

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