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The click & buy vending machine

January 9, 2011 at 8:59 by Martina Comments

Japan is the Eldorado of vending machines. You find them at every street corner and, of course in every metro and train station. The next generation of vending machines with a 47-inch touch screen has arrived. Watch the video, the buying experience gets immediately cool: the machine recognizes your age and gender and suggests the perfect drink of you. Also, if the drink is out of stock it doesn’t get displayed on the screen. It’s amazing :-)

And if you look at the numbers, the interactive vending machines are performing 3 times better than the “regular” ones, with people queing to “play & buy”.
The only said remark I have is: with so many silly vandals out there, in how many countries around the world a machine like this could survive in a public space for more than 24 hours?
via The Next Web

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