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Human Curling by Bic

April 12, 2011 at 12:14 by Laurent Comments

After Desperados few days ago, YouTube is once again a playground for creative with Bic’s Human Curling.
This is the second collaboration between Bic Group (Tipp Ex is one of their brand) and French agency Buzzman. This time, it’s for the promotion of disposable male razors BIC Flex 3.
Here is the viral video, launched yesterday, to set the stage :

Some of you might have thought of Esthe Wam hair removal.
For me, the most interesting point is on Bic’s YouTube channel.
As far as I remember it is the first time I see this kind of advergame integration. If you have similar mechanisms in mind, please share them in comments.
In this case, you can either choose to play human curling with your webcam or your keyboard directly into the YouTube environment.
Capture d’écran 2011-04-11 à 23.49.54.png
We agree it may not be the best gaming experience you will have the chance to live online. But it is interesting to see how YouTube broadens its scope, and is offering not only video but entertainment to a greater extent. Next step : social gaming…

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