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A live interactive Facebook concert

April 14, 2011 at 2:15 by Martina Comments

Now, this is a nice project that is taking place this week in Israel. A music festival broadcasted via Facebook. Artists are performing in a dedicated studio where the setup consists of dozens of monitors that show fans watching the concert by using their webcam. Fans can also send their comments and requests to the artists who will receive the messages on the multiple screens around them (there is a video that shows one of the performances – watch it below – but to be honest it is not so good).

I like the idea because it’s new and fresh and brings the fans closer to the bands, but I also have contrasting feelings about it. Usually when you go to a concert you are part of a mass. Here actually you are/remain an individual in your relationship with the performer on stage. And I’m wondering if actually being part of the crowd is what makes attending a live concert a cool/meaningful experience. But I’m the one who still buys CDs and books instead of downloading the tracks from iTunes or files for the Kindle so probably my opinion doesn’t really count :)

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