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Advertising loves nicely cheesy vintage

May 9, 2011 at 7:09 by Martina Comments

Funny to see that two different campaigns in Europe have recently decided to engage consumers through pieces of art that in theory only our grandmas would surely enjoy… We posted recently about My Royal Plate, where Orange has invited Brits to submit their special un-royal moments to have them illustrated on a commemorative plate.
Now it’s time for KLM to tap into traditional Dutch art, Delftware, by inviting its Facebook fans from around the world to create a Delft blue tile showing their (profile) picture and a (possibly) inspiring message. The best tiles will be actually become the pattern placed on a Boeing 777 next June. Really cheesy. But also kind of nice :)

2 Responses to Advertising loves nicely cheesy vintage

  1. Paul says:

    KLM just tweets that 46.574 tiles have been created so far, see

  2. CB says:

    Visit for more nice (and not so cheesy) work.

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