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Mennen deo stick hunt : new models of co-branding

May 10, 2011 at 8:02 by Laurent Comments

I will let you judge the quality of production or acting in this new French campaign by H for deodorant Mennen. I just suggest that you be patient and get through the first sequence to get the full experience.
You got it. A new hunt across the web, a story-telling across web windows like Magnum, Intel, and Arcade Fire brillantly did before.
What is interesting here is how deep the advertising co-branding has been pushed.

The collaborations with media owners (TF1, RMC, …) left aside, one can notice how Pizza Hut and Micromania have been integrated in the story.
Like Samsung had been in Magnum pleasure hunt.
magnum samsung.jpg
Sharing of production costs, sharing of brand assets, … what are the risks and opportunities you find in this kind of alliances ?
Apart from this kind of co-branded communication stunts, one of the best partnership I recently found was the one between Dell and OPI. Great synergy. Surprizing and clever. Original and complementary. Girls, if you haven’t heard about it yet, check the OPI Facebook application, and find how your nails could match your laptop here.
OPI Dell.jpg
Do you have any other examples of great collaborations with such an integration ?

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