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The Student Corner: Heineken The Invite

May 16, 2011 at 3:11 by Martina Comments

It might be spring, it might be something else but we have started receiving a lot of interesting student projects lately. So we decided to kickoff a new weekly series: The Student Corner. First project we feature comes from Germany, Max Arlestig and Maximilian Gebhardt are behind it and the brand their are pitching is Heineken. Social media connected bottle opener that invites your friends over for a beer. Whoever has the most friends attending, gets a free case of Heineken.

Max & Maximilian developed the project at the Miami Ad School Hamburg.
If you have projects to share send them to teamadverblog @ Also, we are looking for a student/intern to help us out managing this weekly space. Get in touch if you think you’ve got what it takes!

2 Responses to The Student Corner: Heineken The Invite

  1. Buzzing Bees says:

    Great initiative! I’m looking forward to those fresh ideas.

  2. Nic Haase says:

    That’s not the first time, that Heineken proofs that their communication is great. Good idea!

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