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Introducing Google Rent

May 26, 2011 at 10:13 by Martina Comments

This is so obvious, so simple (and so damn brilliant) that we really wonder if Google isn’t actually working on a project like the Google Rent idea by Gabriel Kolisch and Isabella Pipitone. Think about it. First of all, when you need a place to rent or buy, the most used verb to define your action is “search” (yes, better, I know “look for”, but that doesn’t help the joke :)

Second thing, when you read an advertisement about an apartment you immediately check on a (Google) Map, what is the exact location. Third, ideally, you also try to check out the neighbor and the building from outside using Google Street View. So yes, Google Rent should really be just a click away.

Feels so good to keep receiving great ideas from the up and coming talents of the digital world. Kudos to Hyperisland and the Miami Ad School (and not only) for raising the next generation of kickass creative people.

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