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Student, do you Dare?

May 28, 2011 at 5:25 by Martina Comments

In The Student Corner we have been posting quite a few projects by students who are ready to move into the advertising world. Lots of smart, creative ideas that I’m sure are attracting the attention of several agencies. I bet some of these students will be offered internships and ideally jobs by more than one agency. How to choose the right agency? And what if instead of you pitching your work to the agency, is actually the agency coming up with a digital project to get your attention and hire you?

I missed this project by Dare a few months ago, but I guess it is not too late to share it. First because it’s cool, second because infographics are always hot to share and third because the internship season is about to begin.

After watching it, even I feel like applying for a job at Dare :)

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