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Perrier: The more people who watch, the hotter the party

June 10, 2011 at 6:07 by Martina Comments

French water brand Perrier introduces a new idea of interactivity: a Youtube Channel that evolves with the number of views. Le Club Perrier is a video featuring a virtual party that gets “hotter” and wilder the more people watch it.

With almost 1 Million views, the Channel is at “level 3″ and three more levels still remain to be unlocked. Although I really like the idea of a collaborative consumers effort to unlock content, I also think that Perrier has chosen the easy path from a creative stand point. I mean, going sexy is surely smart but it’s also a pretty lazy.

Anyways, if you are curious, check it out. Let’s see how the situation evolves :)

The agency is Ogilvy Paris.

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