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The user generated content galaxy [infographic]

June 23, 2011 at 2:20 by Martina Comments

User generated content has become such a huge part of our digital life that we don’t even realize its business impact anymore. Facebook, Youtube and even the old-fashioned Myspace would not be as big as they are without UGC. How much content is produced? This infographic recaps the impressive numbers. And raises an interesting question on how much money Facebook and Youtube are actually making from UGC content they start owning once you upload it.

It’s a give & get I would say. Facebook and Youtube provide you with the tools and the access to the audience. Yes, they monetize the value of the traffic your content generates. But if your content is good you gain in visibility/popularity/exposure to new opportunities. Anyways, agencies and marketers out there, please handle this information with care. Acknowledge once again that people more and more love to produce (and share!) content, but please refrain from going back to the UGC based digital campaigns!! :)

via MyCube

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