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Touch The Mill

August 16, 2011 at 1:05 by Tim Comments

The Mill looks back on two decades of world class visual effects production. Watch the intro of this video and you are likely to recognise snippets of incredibly famous work (including Nike’s Write The Future). Now The Mill decided to do their portfolio justice by building a free standing touchscreen in their New York office lobby.

Executed from concept to launch in-house, it is a rear projected, 5’x 3’ interactive touch screen panel made entirely of switchable glass. Using a high-luminance projector, customised software and a stunning interface it definitely puts their work into the right light. Features include a web of nodes, dragging/sliding through the individual frames and applying a loupe to examine details within the videos. Beautiful to see the light emanating from the screen, incorporating the users and, depending on your view point, shine on and through them. And again a very nicely done case study.

Agency: Mill Digital

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