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The Ceefax CV. Creative and nostalgic

August 17, 2011 at 6:57 by Martina Comments

There’s a real nostalgic feeling I get when I see this CV made by Zef Narkiewicz created to look like pages on Ceefax. Ceefax for me in the early 90′s was basically the Internet on TV in the days when I hadn’t been exposed to the wonders of the Internet yet. Oh and I was addicted to the game, Bamboozle. Ceefax was my information highway and I was hooked. So when this CV exploded on the internet, it captured the nostalgic hearts and minds of long time Ceefax users.

This is what Ceefax looks like…

… and this is what Zef’s CV looks like.

Cool huh? His design portfolio is equally great at It will be a shame when Ceefax is switched off in 2012 but you can relive the history of the text information service here.

This is a guest post by our new friend Mike Litman. You can follow him on Twitter, and we look forward to his next post! Welcome Mike!

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