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Can you save the world? Bring it on!

August 23, 2011 at 11:21 by Martina Comments

French railway service SNCF, has just launched a brilliant online campaign to promote its sponsorship of the American Film Festival in Deauville as well as its train service that connects Paris to the beautiful village in Normandy. It’s like a disaster movie. With the climax, the hero who looks like Bruce Willis, the embarrassed/embarrassing military and a mission to accomplish. Watch the trailer and give it a try. Can you save the world?

Unfortunately the interface of the website is only in French, but the film is in English, so you can still enjoy the experience. Accept the terms and conditions and when you are prompted with a question just type in what you think can be the secret weapon that will save the world. Then sit down, relax and see what happens.

Did you save the world?
Maybe not, but I bet you smiled. And you will remember there’s a train that takes you from Paris to Deauville in just two hours.
So, I would say, mission accomplished by SNCF.

The agency is TBWA/Paris.

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