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NogPong Saatchi’s

December 15, 2011 at 8:11 by Mark Comments

We have seen quite a few ideas for Xmas cards this year that aim things at agency employees. Well here is another one. Egg Nog and Beer Pong reunite in Saatchi L.A. and DeepLocal’s reprisal of NogPong, an online party game in which visitors control a robot, the Nogbot, to shoot ping pong balls into cups of Egg Nog, which Saatchi staffers are then required to chug. FYI it works during business hours in Los Angeles :)

DeepLocal basically reverse-engineered and rewired a ping pong practice machine, and also developed a web-based API that lets users communicate and control the bot from their computers. This year features a more evolved Bot system, with automatic scoring, social media integration and queue management-so that those waiting to play can be notified by email or text when their turn is up.

Have a go


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