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Arcade Fire – interactive webcam dance

December 18, 2011 at 8:29 by Tim Comments

Canadian band ‘Arcade Fire’ have relaunched their hit ‘Sprawl II’ in an interactive dance-in-front-of-your-webcam version. Send your little sister or colleagues out of the room and steer the zombie-like creatures with your hands and body.

You can start busting a web move on their website Sprawl 2. Below is the regular music video in case you want to memorise some routines first.

I like the immediacy of interacting ‘Kinect’-style. But to be honest, a bit more feedback (e.g. seeing myself, like you do in a Skype call) would have helped to control what I was doing. The interactive producers AATOAA describe it thus:
“The idea is to affect the pacing of the film with your movements. You are invited to dance in front of your webcam. There is no specific rules, no complicated “minority report” tricks. Just an invitation to move your arms or your butt on the music. The quicker you move, the faster the frames play. You slow down, the characters in the video slow down.”

Director: Vincent Morisset
Agency: AATOA

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