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Louis Vuitton’s controversial Hong Kong

February 29, 2012 at 5:49 by Martina Comments

Louis Vuitton has recently launched a series of short films to capture the essence of different cities across the globe and connect with its female consumers. Gender is the lens used to interpret each city’s identity, so in the first episode, for example, Hong Kong is presented as it was a woman, portrayed through some local interesting women such as an architect, a model, a composer, a journalist and a few more other people.

I watched the video and I kind of enjoyed it. I like the mood and I found it quite inspiring to discover a city that I never visited. However, I decided to post about it mainly because of the viewers’ comments I read below the video on Youtube. Usually when big, aspirational brand like LV launch a campaign or a product, loads of consumers love it and only a few criticize it. But here the amount of negative feedback is pretty overwhelming and it goes across the board, criticizing both the idea of “exploiting” a city to sell a brand and the content itself, which apparently isn’t true to the Asian metropolis.

What do you think? Are viewers overreacting?
Do people most of the people who watch videos on Youtube also read other users’ feedback?
Shall LV continue the series of videos or such negative feedback should be seriously taken into account?

I have a lot of questions but not as many answers, so I would love to hear what you think!

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