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Digital Perspectives 2012

April 30, 2012 at 3:00 by Tim Comments

Are you unsure about which of the digital trends will really make its mark this year? Then look no further than ‘Perspectives 2012′ published by independent international agency Reactive. Originally sent to clients in a nicely designed and bound print edition, you can now enjoy the same benefits from the free PDF download.

‘Perspectives’ topics range from responsive design, the tablet experience and global multi-channel retail to re-marketing aka behavioural targeting. Being members of the Society of Digital Agencies SoDA, the Reactive authors leveraged some international connections as well as wove in their Kiwi-Aussie viewpoints.

Check the document on Slideshare or download the PDF here. Rather than scanning it during office hours, I can recommend printing it out or reading it on a tablet in a quiet moment.

As Reactive’s co-founder Tim O’Neil puts it: “Get ready for the Year of the Dragon — where the major trends from last year reach mainstream maturity (mobile, Pinterest, the cloud) and new ideas leap into view.”

If you want to return the favour, please feed back your thoughts via Reactive’s twitter account @reactivemedia or facebook page. We welcome all agencies’ insights, please let us know if you have published similar digital perspectives in your part of the world – email us teamadverblog at gmail dot com

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