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The coolest police website ever

September 17, 2012 at 6:41 by Martina Comments

Since you guys seems to appreciate quite a lot scrolling one-page websites, today we share something a bit unexpected, where The Wire meets NYPD Blue, Blue Bloods and any other color desaturated crime TV series you can name. But this time it’s not fiction. It’s a real Police Department trying to play its cards right and present itself to its citizens using a visual language that could potentially connect very well with them.

The Milwaukee Police Department has recently launched the coolest police website you could possibly ever see. It’s a news website, updated daily with current investigation info, crime statistics and videos to provide visibility to the work of the MPD in a simple, beautiful way.

The power of visual storytelling. It’s incredible how a smart and emotionally engaging design can make you feel like checking this website on regular basis. To me, it really feels like you are watching a movie, and you want to come back to check how the stories develop. How many murderers get arrested, how many guns get confiscated, how the city of Milwaukee evolves and, possibly, becomes safer day after day.

The agencies are Cramer-Krasselt Milwaukee and LISS Interactive.

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