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Call the beauty police

September 20, 2012 at 7:00 by Martina Comments

I just found my new favorite brand of cosmetics. I had no idea that Benefit Cosmetics existed, but after watching the video below and finding out about their irreverent approach to advertising, they bought my loyalty. Benefit is like Diesel back in the ’90. Nicely cheesy and amusingly witty.

You don’t necessarily need beautiful Barbie girls to promote make-up products. As the founders of the company say, laughter… is the best cosmetic. And possibly a good laugh can also be the best way to sell a product and uniquely position a brand which is miles away from the usual industry stereotypes.

Their latest campaign features beauty police woman Sarah Colonna, busting unassuming pedestrians in the street for beauty infractions & makeup crimes.

Googling a bit about Benefit, I also found the Glamouriety mockumentary, a pretty crazy (and funny) 40 minutes video that tells the story of the brand and much more. If you go on Youtube you can also find shorter and more digestible edits from the video.

Last but not least, Benefit Cosmetics product packaging is also worth mentioning. The art and copy on the pore minimizer balm is absolutely fantastic.

For the records, the Sarah Colonna ad has been created by Portal A, the Glamouriety mockumentary is an idea by DDB/Tribal DDB San Francisco, while the product packaging was designed by DKNG Studios.

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