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Your personal Festival Buzz

January 10, 2013 at 2:54 by Tim Comments

Currently, Sydney is in the news for two reasons: a giant rubberduck floating in its harbour and a heatwave of ferocious intensity. This work has to do with the first. Sydney Festival (of which the rubber duck is part of) is one of Australia’s largest annual cultural celebrations with an international reputation for modern, popular and intelligent programming. To curate your very own version of the festival buzz check out the project ANZBuzz.

My own agency Reactive created the site for ANZ bank that would collate all the social networking activity of visitors, also enabling them to participate with and engage with others from the festival and document their own experiences helping to create a collective social voice around the festival. Visit ANZBuzz here.

Posts are collated from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which enables users to see a personalised summary of their friend’s activity and festival events on their desktop, tablet or mobile device. The site also features both a list and a map view, so festival goers can view tweets, photos and check-ins either as a social feed list, or plotted on a map, allowing users to see festival ‘hotspots’.

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