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Barklays Wants You Bike Ready to Roam

October 7, 2013 at 12:18 by Ana Comments

It looks like tomorrow’s going to be the last day of Barklays Bike Clinics, pop-up bike repair stores strategically placed around busy roads of London. Sponsored by Barklay’s bank, these temporary repair shops offer free check-ups, tune-ups and safety info to bikers. Apparently, after running a survey and crunching some numbers, Barklays discovered that 57% of Londoners are riding bikes unfit to be on the road and that 18% cycle in dark without bike lights (um, guilty as charged). Behind the entire Bike Clinics initiative is the idea to get more people to cycle, and to do so safely. Where you at, Citibank?

Source: Barklays and Bikeworks Team Up


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