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A party to celebrate what you already own

November 28, 2013 at 1:43 by Ana Comments

Patagoria remains consistent with its focus on sustainability. Thoroughly aligned with the values of its customers, Patagonia has already unleashed their Common Threads Initiative (an eBay program where Patagonia customers can sell their Patagonia stuff) and number of ads advising against conspicuous consumption.

This year, from Patagonia comes with Worn Wear initiative, launched just before the notorious Black Friday. The title of the campaign is “The Stories We Wear,” which is meant to remind us that clothes we already own become only more valuable with time, as they become part of the narrative of our life.

The campaign is taking place in 14 US cities (and at two places in New York City) and features a movie “Worn Wear,” a repair clinic, limited-edition beer, life music and food.

Sounds like a wonderful party.

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