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Pinterest gets a cyborg-like upgrade: Rich Pins will blow your mind

February 1, 2014 at 4:40 by Ana Comments

There are article pins, product pins, place pins, recipe pins and movie pins. And all of them contain information that is just what you are looking for. Retailers, hotels, publishers, CPG brands are somewhere rubbing their hands in delight. This is contextual advertising at its best, mixed with a heavy dollop of utility. The sexiest of them all are product pins, clearly, as they are the perfect outlet for relevant product information: price, availability, shopping and, of course, the opportunity to shop. And all of this without ever leaving the Pinterest universe. Make no mistake: retailers benefit plenty - once user decided to buy a product, the rest of the transaction is completed on the retailer website. The bottom of the funnel is the same - it’s its top that has gotten more complex, and for the better.

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