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A really, really long list of things that iPhone replaced

February 17, 2014 at 12:06 by Ana Comments

The list is really long, so let’s begin: iPhone 4S incorporated the crazy amount of capabilities previously provided by other technologies/devices:

- 50 pounds of books (via Kindle, iBooks)

- Kindle e-reader

- Daily newspaper

- Digital camera

Holga film camera (via Instagram, ToyCamera app)

- Pocket foreign language dictionaries

- Scanner (via Genius Scan)

- Bank ATMs (via USAA’s app, which allows deposits via snapshot)

- GPS device

- Road maps / printouts from Mapquest and Google Maps

- Reporter’s notebook (I find tapping out notes isn’t any slower than writing them)

- Voice recorder

- Handwritten grocery lists (via DropBox-syncing Plaintext)

- Nintendo DS

- iPod

- Radio (via NPR app / Hype Machine / iTunes / Spotify / Pandora)

- Paper comics (via Comixology)

- Set-top box remote (via the Roku app)

- Paper receipt file (via EZ receipts)

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