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iBeacon is the future of Easter Egg hunts

April 19, 2014 at 8:02 by Ana Comments

Faberge, the jeweler, is into elephants and their well being. For this reason the brand organized the massive Easter egg hunt in NYC this weekend. Faberge commissioned gigantic 275 egg sculptures from designers and artists and scattered them around the city, and on the The Big Egg Hunt website, designated a specific area where each of the eggs is to be discovered. The best part of the hunt is that eggs are not revealed on the map until at least 10 people check in to them, enabled by iBeacon technology. This may be the first time that iBeacon has left the confines of the retail stores and ventured into the outside world, and I love how Faberge is using it. If you are in New York City this weekend and if Easter Egg hunts are your thing, you should definitely join!

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