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Taxi Drama

July 2, 2014 at 4:01 by Ana Comments
If you live in NYC, you get plenty of cab drama on a daily basis. But if you are from Belgrade, Serbia, this is probably the last place to look for any sort of drama. That is, unless you are into Shakespeare.
McCann Belgrade created a series of 3 short videos featuring unsuspecting passengers being exposed to monologues from Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky by their cab driver.

Make no mistake about the quality of delivery, though: the cabbies were professional actors from Yugoslav Drama Theater. In addition to the pleasure of being driven by an actor, lucky passengers were awarded free theater show tickets. A simple & wonderful idea.
Client: Yugoslav Drama Theatre
Agency: McCann Belgrade
Copywriters: Nemanja Stankovic, Bojan Babic, Milena Kvapil
Art Director: Marija Milankovic
Strategic Planner: Katarina Pribicevic
Creative Director: Vladimir Cosic
Social Media: Danka Hasanovic, Zorana Stankovic
PR: Ljiljana Radosavljevic, Marija Vicic, Radisa Kricak, Anja Kosanovic
Production: Emote productions
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