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BMW’s perfect race across Europe

April 17, 2007 at 4:47 by Martina Comments

BMW has recently launched a sophisticated advergame called PACE - Pursuit Across Europe. You can also define it as an interactive movie, where you play the leading role driving the car. It is very beautifully designed and developed by Interone Worldwide and Artificial Duck. The gaming experience is also quite immersive.

I must say that I’m a pretty bad driver, as I didn’t manage to drive for long, but I definitely enjoyed the experience, even if sometimes it misses some “skip” buttons when you play it for the second time. The videos animations with the penciled effect are just so, so… beautiful, and the great soundtracks is the cherry on the cake. Great site, stylish and with that touch of perfection which makes so, so… BMW.

Last but not least, from a marketing perspective, I appreciated the fact that the first stage is open to everyone but if you want to continue the pursuit, modify your vehicle and face new challenges, you need to register. Smart.

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2 Responses to BMW’s perfect race across Europe

  1. paul Jason says:


  2. andrew b says:

    great work by Patrik de Jong and Dirk Hoffamn plus hats off to Electric-Umbrella for the 3D!
    Project manager (client): Christian Bächer (BMW)
    Project manager (production company/agency): Franziska von Lewinski, Stefanie Knoren
    Executive Creative Director: Andrew Berglund
    Creative Director: Matthias Schäfer
    Concept design: Johannes Mücke
    Art direction/illustrations: Artificial Duck Studios
    Copywriting: Axel Bergander, Sharon Moody
    Flash programming: Torsten Sperling, Karsten Götz
    Backend programming: Thorsten Harders
    Music: Christine Schulz
    3D studios: Electric Umbrella

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