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Non-Stop Fernando

November 5, 2007 at 1:17 by Martina Comments

How long does it take to fly from Dubai to Sao Paulo? 14 hours and 40 minutes… it’s a period of time long enough to discover everything (!) you need to know about Brazil, watching Fernando Ferreira in his non-stop performance for Emirates Airline.

On Fernando continues talking without stopping about Sao Paulo and Brazilian culture, and the cameras keep rolling for the entire 14 hours and 40 minutes; there are no breaks, no cuts, no edits and no cheating.

The video celebrates Emirates’ newly launched non-stop flights from Dubai to Sao Paulo and is expected to draw lot of attention to the “New York of the Southern Hemisphere”. On the site, the video plays in loop, but you can watch specific moments of Fernando’s day by entering the exact timing you learn from a downloadable document with the log of the events. So, for example, if you’d like to learn how to cook Feijoada, enter 06 45 00 and you’ll watch Fernando preparing the dish for you…

In the press release they say this is the longest advert ever.

6 Responses to Non-Stop Fernando

  1. andrew b says:

    the url does not work - oooh and its sounds like such a cool idea!

  2. Marcelo says:

    When he talked about Sao Paulo FC (the football team), he said they had won a game just then by 3 x 0 against Atletico-PR… however, Sao Paulo was playing Atletico-MG in Minas Gerais that night and the game hadn’t started yet.
    Most likely the celebration going on the street was from Corinthians, who was the only team from Sao Paulo playing IN Sao Paulo that night, and at Pacaembu which is really close to his house.
    Their game started at 7:30 pm, Corinthians scored at the 11th minute, right at 7:44 pm when he heard the commotion on the street.
    Sao Paulo’s game wasn’t going to start until 9:45 that night…
    Being a Corinthians fan, I had to plug that in… I think he may have said to himself, no one will check that close and I’ll just say it’s from my own team…

  3. Ed Wood says:

    That is wicked! fantastic, but practically, except for the buzz, it’s 14, very boring, hours of a guy talking about Brazil! Agh!

  4. tim says:

    i had a lovely 3 minutes with fernando talking about architecture. maybe i was lucky to be interested in it….but for me the point isn’t watching for 14 hrs but more dipping in and out, maybe sharing your favourite moments in it.
    the 14 hrs flight duration still sounds daunting.

  5. dave says:

    Nice one marcelo, you spotted the footy mistake, we knew there was a match on, but got confused with all the kick off times, then we heard the cheering and just presumed it must be the Sao Paulo match we had read about. To be fair we were all that knakered at this point (been up since 5am in the back room on autocue duties) that i think you can allow a couple of dropped balls.
    The agency behind it is Lean mean Fighting machine (london). With Annex being the production company I am creative partner at Lean mean.
    Thanks for all your comments. You are right it is still a long flight, but it used to be 31 hours!
    We await our World Record confirmation, of longest ad (not sure that is a good thing or not?)

  6. Marcelo says:

    That’s totally cool. Since you have to do things on the fly, it’s totally acceptable that he mentions the first thing that comes up…
    I really loved this concept, and being a brazilian living overseas, it was really cool to hear another brazilian talk about our culture…
    A lot of fun… Great idea, very well done and very insightful… people here at our agency loved it.

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