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TV marketing on the Web

July 24, 2008 at 5:10 by Martina Comments

I am impressed by the quality of the promo the BBC has created to present its upcoming TV production dedicated to the story of Saddam Hussein and his family. The agency is Red Bee Media (+ Post), the production is by Finish.

The video has been released only a few days ago, but already some of the most popular blogs and creative websites are talking about it, and more and more people is watching it. And this makes me think of the power the Web can have in supporting TV consuption. Once again I think we can look at the Internet not as a threat but rather as TV’s best friend. Not only a TV spot can send traffic to a website, the relationship can also work the other way around: an online content can push consumers to watch more TV. And the BBC piece clearly goes in this direction.

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