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The Chanel 2.0 world

July 22, 2008 at 6:29 by Martina Comments

Chanel is a terribly fascinating fashion brand, and even I cannot call myself a fashion victim, I look at it with admiration and enormous respect.


Their digital presence and ideas is exactly what you expect from them: a simple yet classy presence with a touch of innovation. This is what you perceive by visiting, now featuring a full page video with an amazing fashion show.

E-commerce isn’t there yet, but widgets are already in Karl Lagerfeld’s portfolio. Recently Chanel launched an application for iPhone and iTouch to access the latest fashions shows, exclusive contents and an handy store locator, in case you’re out for shopping and you don’t know the closest Chanel boutique is. Unfortunately I also have to add that the application weights 66MB…


What do you think? Am I too enthusiastic about Chanel’s digital approach?Maybe… but I love the brand :-)

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One Response to The Chanel 2.0 world

  1. I have to admit that it comes across more as Chanel 1.0 than 2.0. It is top-down, hierarchical and controlled by the firm. It does not seem to embrace some of the nuances and possibilities of the 2.0 world–especially user-generated content, blogging and allowing for consumers to connect with others. Perhaps they may get there soon. Fashion is compolex and fascinating as a sector to understand in the 2.0 world. It is not easy for a company to give up control somewhat to the consumers and allow links and connections (which may dilute and modify the brand image as conceived by the brand designers). But, the brand-in-use is different from brand-as-designed and that is the big challenge facing companies embracing the 2.0 world.

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