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MMS film series

on April 10, 2004 by Martina Comments

Movies, Tv, Mobile phones: the business is getting bigger and bigger. The issue has been discussed recently at the MIPTV-Milia new media conference in France, and featured in an article on News Australia. SMS are used to send out invitations to movies’ previews, MMS galleries are helpful to generate a buzz about a movie, and we even see the possibility of “direct-to-mobile” film series. Fox Lab is in fact ready to launch “Hotel Franklin” a film series in a new format (60-second episodes) which uses a concise screenplay written specifically for mobiles. In The Netherlands they have already experienced the mobile soap opera, getting excellent results, so Fox’ idea sounds appealing. In my opinion, the key to the solution’s future success will be in content’s quality. Fox is launching something similar to Sex and the City, which will probably/hopefully engage people right from the first scene, however they need to keep it high profile in order to set a trend and allow the business idea to grow.

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