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Ethnic mix to boost agencies’ performance

on August 5, 2005 by Martina Comments

As an Italian soon relocating abroad to start a new job, I certainly enjoyed this article published on Mediaweek, presenting the the Ethnic Representation in Agencies report authored by COI senior campaign manager Mehboob Umarji. According to the study published last June, ethnic minorities account for only 8% of the media and creative agency workforce and almost half of those staff can be found in back-office functions. The research points out that the agencies which embraced diversity were also the most successful in terms of new business wins. Colin Colin Gillespie, managing director of All Response Media, shares his opinion on the issue:

“From my perspective, the real key driver for getting ethnic minorities involved in more front-line roles, where they are able to have an impact on marketing strategy and creative development, is the background these people come from. The society we live in is very diverse and to be a media planner/buyer in the 21st Century, one needs to have experiences and, ideally, backgrounds which are reflective of that.”

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Cinzano looking for an agency

on June 16, 2005 by Martina Comments

Cinzano is getting ready for a pan-European marketing effort. Brand Republic reports the Italian drink brand is looking for an agency to create the campaign. Cinzano, which is part of the Campari group, is currently among the sponsors of the MotoGP.

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AOL names the finalists

on December 12, 2003 by Martina Comments

AdWeek says that America Online has named three finalists in the review for its interactive creative and media duties. Modem Media, Digitas and AtmosphereBBDO will be running for the precious account. The final will take place early next year, when the three agencies will present their online marketing plans proposals.

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